MM017 – How to Improve your Well-Being at Work

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Be yourself.

Remember: you spend most of your daily active time in the workplace. Pretending to be someone else will worsen the quality of your life and the relationship with your colleagues, who will notice your inconsistent ways of doing. Play your music, they don’t need you to be a robot.

Be honest.

In a world studded with negative examples, honesty is becoming one of the rarest values ​​to find. Being honest allows you to gain the trust of your colleagues, superiors and customers. People’s dishonesty is not an excuse to change our behaviour. Honesty always pays back in the end.

Propose, don’t (only) criticize.

Complaining about colleagues, ways of working, salary etc. makes nothing but annoying people around you: nobody wants to hear complaints :). If there’s something wrong going on, go ahead and suggest concrete actions to improve your life in the office and the growth of the company.

Listen, don’t hear.

There is a big difference between listening and hearing. During meetings, we focus more on what we have to say than what others say. Paying attention and listening is pleasing to the interlocutor, who will return the favor. Moreover, sometimes a good idea can come from someone else, don’t you think? 😉

Don’t judge others.

We want nobody to make us feel wrong. The same holds true for our colleagues. It is neither beautiful nor constructive to stand as judges or models of virtue. Even arguing about what others are doing or how they should do it makes us look wrong. it is necessary to simply accept others as they are.

Trust others.

Giving confidence is one of the most important themes for teamwork. Sometimes it is natural, we feel it within us, sometimes it must be achieved through our work. It is a choice that we must make: if we want trust, we must give it as well.